Reproductive justice is everyone’s fight. It is a fight for our bodies, our families, and our rights.  We need men to stand with us and fight for women’s bodies just as hard as women do – this effects everyone. M4C is a great way for men to get involved in the fight for reproductive rights and show up as true allies of women. #ThisIsWhy

Tamara Fouche

To be a truly just society we all must challenge injustice and discrimination wherever it occurs. Access to abortion is fundamental to women’s equality and that matters to everyone. This is a fight that isn’t going away and M4C provides a critical space for men to join and add their voices. #ThisIsWhy

Andi Friedman

The current fight for reproductive rights is an all-hands-on-deck situation, and folks in positions of privilege–particularly men–need to use their privilege for good and voice unapologetic support for choice. M4C is the leading voice for men to get involved with this movement. #ThisIsWhy

Leah Greenblum

Reproductive rights are integral to the health of families, and by extension, the health of communities.  The rights of couples to decide when and when not to parent children is fundamental to broader social justice issues.  M4C is a leading organization that encourages males to engage in activism dedicated to fostering healthy families and healthy communities.  When men and women work together towards these important goals, we can stand as a united front against those determined to control our bodies and our families. #ThisIsWhy

Autumn Davidson

Men often have immense influence over women’s ability to access reproductive health care, yet are are uninformed about women’s reproductive health needs. M4C fosters male involvement, and their ability to use their influence and decision-making power to positively affect change. #ThisIsWhy

Ariana Taylor

Too often, men work to silence women in our right to choice.  M4C is committed to working with women and lifting up their voices. The fight for reproductive healthcare must be intersectional, inclusive, diverse, and collaborative. #ThisIsWhy

Colleen Smith