The right to control one’s body and the ability to access reproductive health options are currently being legislated by those who seek to heavily restrict both, privileged people in power who are overwhelmingly male. So I believe it’s imperative that men speak and act up more in support of expanding abortion access and also acknowledge that abortion has greatly benefited them personally as well. Reproductive choice isn’t just an individual necessity but also extremely important for a healthy society, of which men need to be equally responsible for sustaining. #ThisIsWhy

Diana Parker

In a country and society that historically and contemporarily has extended overwhelmingly more opportunities, choices, and privileges to cis caucasian males, change and progress on any front cannot be accomplished without support from male populations. In the United States, caucasian women achieved the right to vote nationally in 1920. Black, brown, Native American, and additional minority groups had to wait until the 1960s with the implementation of the Voting Rights Act to claim and exercise any ‘right’ to vote. Our US Congress is still 80% male and the vast majority of individuals in roles to fiscally, politically, and legally impact social change are male. The education, involvement, and loud support of male populations is critical for reproductive rights to advance forward, both for the sake of the United States’ population and also our humanitarian presence in the world. #ThisIsWhy

Marie Kahn

We must support the rights of women by educating the minds of men. The call for us to stand up and do so has never been more needed. Women are under attack. Should we choose to be bystanders we are at best complacent and at worst participants in the degrading of all women we know. Men who support women’s rights must engage. #ThisIsWhy I’ve joined the fight and, on behalf of all the women in your life, hope you will too #ThisIsWhy

Andrew Kretschmar

For too long men have sat on the sidelines on issues of reproductive rights unless it was to try to restrict them. Men who fancied themselves as pro-choices thought it was enough to just be pro-choice, as if they had less skin in the game. It’s time for that to change and for men to become more vocal and more involved in all facets of the struggle to protect a women’s right to choose. From volunteering, to fundraising, to lobbying, and to education #ThisIsWhy

Luis Klein

I support women’s reproductive rights because I believe in a woman’s right to choose.  As a social justice and equality advocate, I believe that the 4th Amendment of the Constitution grants women a right to privacy in making decisions about their bodies.  I am committed to this work because I believe that it is the responsibility of those of us with knowledge to share the burden by educating and advocating on their behalf. #ThisIsWhy

Marquell Smith

Throughout our history, it has been shown that in order to ensure the success of every equality movement, support and buy-in from the greater population is necessary; particularly from the ruling class, which in this country has always been men (white men, specifically).  For the Women’s Suffrage, Civil Rights, and Gay Marriage Movements, it was crucial for privileged groups to mobilize as allies – using their privilege for the benefit of others. Today, the white male ruling class still exerts its authority over women’s bodies, which is unlikely to change without the pushback of our men allies.  This is why I support Men4Choice. #ThisIsWhy

Morlie Patel