Reproductive rights are fundamental human rights. When anyone’s basic liberties are jeopardized, we are all threatened, so men must unconditionally support our mothers, sisters, wives and friends in the fight to protect them. #ThisIsWhy I stand with Men4Choice.

Oliver Serafini

We live in a world where freedom and liberty are celebrated at parades and state fairs around this great nation but a woman’s right to choose is met with scorn and judgment.  I joined this movement to be an ally in creating fundamental change in the hostile attitudes towards a woman’s right to choose.  #ThisIsWhy

Kenneth Thomas

I support women’s reproductive rights because a woman should be able to make her own decisions. Women should not have to fight for their own bodies. Men should be brave enough to fight for equal rights, and we need to add add their voices to this effort. #ThisIsWhy

Ted Mason

It’s not enough to be pro-choice on election day. Not when women’s reproductive rights are under attack in this country every single day. To make a difference in the fight for gender equity, men need to understand: talk is not enough. Empathy is not enough. We need to do the work. #ThisIsWhy I am a member of Men4Choice.

Ryan Farrell

Reproductive rights are a human rights issue.  For too long, men have made decisions about women’s bodies, lives, and futures.  Having men beside us as allies in this fight is crucial.  This is why I support Men4Choice.  #ThisIsWhy

Trish Rich

When women succeed, this country succeeds. I have 4 nieces, a mom, and sisters. I love and trust them to do what’s right for them. Men shouldn’t tell women what to do with their bodies, they should stand with them and advocate for their freedom. #ThisIsWhy

Omari Prince