Larry R. Rogers, Jr. is a husband, father of four, and trial lawyer with over 20 years of
experience advocating for victims. As a trial attorney, Mr. Rogers has successfully settled or
tried to verdict a variety of cases, obtaining many, many multi-million dollar results for his
clients. In 2013, Mr. Rogers was recognized by Crain’s Chicago Business as one of the top
personal injury lawyers, minority or otherwise, who is “unruffled, articulate” and “eager to try
big cases but foiled when defendants, aware of that, offer to settle.” He was described as
“probably the most politically connected among a new generation of trial attorneys.”

Mr. Rogers, Jr. and the attorneys at Power Rogers & Smith have represented victims against
some of the most powerful interests in the country and have consistently come out on top. They
have been ranked at the top of their field, with 8 consecutive 1 st place rankings from 2010 to
2017 in the Chicago Lawyer Annual Settlement Survey which ranks firms based on their results.

Mr. Rogers, Jr. is currently involved in a number of significant high-profile matters, including the
investigation of what happened to Sandra Bland a Chicagoland resident who was found dead in a
Texas jail cell after an unlawful traffic stop. He represents families in several civil rights and
police brutality cases including the December 26, 2015 tragic shooting of Bettie Ruth Jones on
the west side of Chicago. He has been a frequent guest on local and national radio and television
shows to discuss events affecting the citizens of Chicago and the country.

Most notably, Mr. Rogers, Jr. and managing partner, Joseph A. Power, Jr., obtained a record
$100 million dollar settlement in a case in which a Reverend and his wife were severely burned
and their 6 minor children killed when their Chrysler minivan’s fuel tank was pierced by a piece
of road debris and the vehicle erupted in flames. While this was the largest settlement to a single
family in the country, the significance of the case was even greater. The litigation revealed that
employees of then Illinois Secretary of State George Ryan’s office were selling Commercial
Driver’s Licenses (CDLs) to unqualified truck drivers, leading to the re-testing of thousands of
truck drivers making the roadways safer for the citizens of Illinois and beyond. Mr. Rogers has
taken complex medical negligence, police brutality, and transportation negligence claims to trial,
including three of which he tried and won in 2015, obtaining multi-million dollar results in each.

In addition to his work as a litigator, Mr. Rogers has served for 10 years as an elected Cook
County Commissioner on the Board of Review. Mr. Rogers has been applauded for his work at
bringing government services to the constituents, most notably through community outreaches
aimed at reducing excessive property assessments for homeowners and businesses.