James “Jamie” Shapiro has practiced law for more than 32 years and served as judge, appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court, between 2007-2012. His extensive legal experience includes civil and criminal cases—both plaintiff and defendant, federal and state, prosecution and defense, private and government practice, teaching law school, testifying as an expert witness, and serving as an Assistant United States Attorney. Shapiro is dedicated to ensuring that every resident who interacts with the Cook County justice system is treated fairly, equally, and with respect.

During his five years as a judge he heard both civil and criminal cases. In October 2017, the Chicago Council of Lawyers rated him Qualified, stating he “has had substantial litigation experience in both civil and criminal law matters, and in both trial and appellate court matters. He received praise from practitioners for his legal ability and for his diligence both as a practitioner and as a judge.”

Shapiro currently concentrates his practice in arbitration/mediation and defense, where he stays up to date with innovations and best practices in the legal profession. He also enjoys officiating weddings in both English and Spanish, and as Decalogue Society of Lawyers President from 2007-2008 strongly advocated for full marriage equality for the LGBT community. His work in the community shows his dedication to diversity, inclusion, and equality. He believes strongly that, in our current climate, it is more important than ever for good judges to protect the constitutional rights of every American.

James Shapiro attended Trinity College and William and Mary Law School. He is an avid Chicago Cubs fan, and some of his most enjoyable moments have been shared with his children at Wrigley Field and at Cubs Spring Training.