Youth / College Fellowship - Men4Choice

Youth / College Fellowship

Building a Pipeline of young allies

In the summer of 2020, Men4Choice launched our first cohort for the youth/college fellowship program. The fellowship program is focused on educating young college-aged allies (usually between 18-25 years old) about reproductive freedom and taking them through a hands-on organizing program. Through the course of our rigorous ten week-long fellowship, we train fellows on the fundamentals of organizing their peers and communities, and educate them on the various issues and challenges within the reproductive health/rights/justice movement. Fellows get opportunities to build their network and skills, learn from some of the best organizers and leaders in the movement, and apply their training through organizing actions and events with us.

Benefits to the Fellow

  • Explore the key issues in the fight for reproductive freedom
  • Learn how to be an effective pro-choice ally and organize for change
  • Build new organizing skills and relationships in the movement
  • Grow their influence and professional network
  • Enhance their resume and organizing credentials
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Benefits to the Movement

  • Identify new male-identifying allies and advocates and equip them to organize their peers
  • Train young allies to build a pipeline of effective partners in this fight
  • Build more capacity to support our partners on the ground and expand the power of the reproductive freedom movement

Fellowship Overview

  • Attend bi-weekly virtual team meetings with Men4Choice staff team
  • Complete all 7 core courses of Men4Choice’s Fellowship Program (more below)
  • Organize at least 3 Community Conversations and support at least 1 Webinar Training
  • Engage with Men4Choice in support of our partners (based on current actions or campaigns)

Fellowship Courses

  • 101: What Is Men4Choice (Why and How To Engage As Allies) 
  • 201: Understanding Reproductive Justice + Intersectionality 
  • 301: Talking To Your Boys  (About Reproductive Freedom)
  • 401: Changing Culture And Addressing Misogyny 
  • 501: From An Ally To An Accomplice 
  • 601: How Do We Organize Male Allies
  • 701: How To Show Up On Social Media As Male Allies