Who We Are

Our Story

In early 2015, Men4Choice co-founder, Oren Jacobson, heard a presentation by a national reproductive healthcare policy expert and what he learned that day shocked him. Coming into the presentation, like most men in America, Oren’s support for reproductive freedom was passive at best. He always identified as pro-choice, but thought Roe v. Wade was settled law and this wasn’t really his issue or fight.

After the presentation was over, Oren was certain that most men didn’t fully understand what was at stake; they believed abortion was safely legal and easily accessible.  Oren also doubted that most men knew how to engage in this fight as allies and active supporters.

In the summer of 2015, Men4Choice launched in Illinois to educate and organize male allies in the fight for reproductive freedom in support of the leaders of this movement – the women and individuals who are impacted by the anti-choice movement’s constant and growing attacks. Over the last few years, Men4Choice has trained and educated thousands of male allies in Illinois. We’ve organized on the ground to help pass multiple pieces of progressive legislation and expand pro-choice support across the state. By helping men understand what’s really at stake, creating a point of entry, and giving them the training they need, we were successful in getting men off the sidelines and into this critical work. With attacks on reproductive rights ramping up every day, and having proven our model here in Illinois, Men4Choice is now working to expand its impact.

While we have changed a great deal as an organization since 2015, we remain focused on filling the gap of activating, educating, and mobilizing male-identifying allies into the fight to protect and expand reproductive freedom.

Our Mission

Our mission is to unconditionally support the women and impacted individuals leading this movement by activating, educating, and mobilizing male allies into the fight to protect and expand reproductive freedom.

Our Vision

We envision and are working towards a future where male allies are actively deconstructing misogyny by transforming the way they think about, speak about, and engage in the fight for reproductive freedom.

Our Guiding Principles

As male allies:

  • We will use our voice/privilege/power to fight for reproductive freedom and justice
  • We will listen, be accountable, and grow as partners in this movement.
  • We will usher in new resources to support this movement by mobilizing allies into the fight.
  • We will enter this fight because of our obligation to build a more just world, not as saviors.
  • We will work to change culture and change laws.

Men4Choice Education & Advocacy

Men4Choice Education, the organization’s 501(c)3 arm, is focused on educating male allies about the reality of the fight for reproductive rights, the harm unjust and oppressive laws are causing, and how they can engage effectively as allies. We use political education, digital campaigns, educational forums, community and peer-to-peer organizing to move men from being passive supporters to informed and active allies in the movement.

Men4Choice Advocacy, the organization’s 501(c)4 arm, is focused on mobilizing male allies into legislative and electoral fights as partners in the movement for reproductive freedom. We use online and offline organizing tactics – such as canvassing, lobbying, voter education – to recruit and train activists in support of local and national partners leading the fight.