Dr. Willie Parker’s Moral and Religious Argument for Choice

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There’s a false dichotomy in this country that if you are religious, you are anti-choice. But this simply isn’t the case for many religious people across the country. Just look at the Religious coalition for Reproductive Choice as starters, and you’ll see that people don’t have to choose between being religious and being pro-choice. No one is better at articulating this argument than Dr. Willie Parker. In 2009, he made the decision to exclusively focus on providing safe abortions to women who need it the most (often women of color and women and poverty in the “Deep South).” In his Book “Life’s Work A Moral Argument for Choice,” Dr. Parker pulls explores his personal and professional past to explain how he believes that that providing abortion servers is the moral thing to do.

Dr. Parker recently sat down with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show, to discuss the barriers faced by women seeking abortions and the religious beliefs that inform his pro-choice stance.

If you would like the chance to hear Dr. Parker speak, Personal PAC is hosting an event, “The Choice is All Yours” on Wednesday, May 3rd. You can register to attend, here!


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    May 18, 2019 Reply

    The missing argument in these discussion is the role of the sperm in the pregnancy. If the father of the fetus were to take responsibility for the consequence of intercourse, perhaps the law would be more favorable to the egg. It also seems discordant to penalize the doctor who is following medical ethics to protect the patient.

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